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New Patients

Winthrop Chiropractic Reception

We care about your comfort before, during and after your visit.

You’ll find that Winthrop Chiropractic Care is a peaceful, relaxing place to be with a friendly, professional team ready to support you. We understand that you may be in pain when you arrive and make sure that you feel comfortable before, during and after your appointments.

You won’t have to worry about long waiting times either — we strive to make sure you’re seen promptly.

The First Visit

You’ll be greeted by our chiropractic assistant, who goes through the paperwork you’ll need to fill out. Then, you’ll meet your chiropractor for a consultation, sitting and talking about what’s brought you in and what you’re hoping to achieve. We’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the nature of your problem and how it affects your life, as well as a full
health history.

A thorough examination is next, including neurological and orthopaedic testing to help determine the source of your issue. The majority of our patients have x-rays taken on-site. Then, we’ll schedule you back for your next appointment. Please plan on spending about 30 minutes with us on this day.

The Second Visit

When you return, your chiropractor will review your examination and
x-ray findings with you. We’ll detail what you can expect from care, the frequency of visits, when we expect your symptoms may lessen and the appropriate time to start rehabilitation exercises. Then, you’ll receive your first adjustment.

Returning for Care

Your regular visits are quick, taking just about 10 minutes. It’s important to us that you’re well-educated on your health and we talk with you at each visit to make sure we’re helping you in every way possible. You’ll receive handouts and brochures and be educated on different conditions regularly. Our new patients are welcome to a Spinal Care Class to better understand chiropractic care.

We’re happy to screen your children for potential problems at no charge. Checking your spine can be thought of as a preventative measure appropriate for the whole family, rather than a procedure done only during a crisis.

Let us discover whether we can do anything to help boost your wellbeing. Book your time with our experienced, knowledgeable team today!