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Meet Our Melville Practitioners

Dr Luke Tassell, Chiropractor Melville

Dr Luke Tassell, Chiropractor

Dr Luke Tassell comes from a family of chiropractors, and has experienced the benefits of chiropractic care personally and in his children other family members. After completing 6 years of study in Human Biology and Chiropractic at universities in Perth and Sydney, Dr Luke has worked in both Australia and overseas. Caring for people in Indonesia, who would otherwise never get to experience better health through chiropractic, is one of the highlights of his career so far.
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dividerDr Raymond Law-Davis Chiropractor Melville

Dr Raymond Law-Davis, Chiropractor

For almost 20 years, Dr Raymond Law-Davis (Chiropractor) has been helping families experience better health through Chiropractic. Since completing his 5 years at RMIT University in Melbourne, Raymond has practiced in country Western Australia and at Bull Creek Chiropractic Centre.
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Dr Chia Wong Chiropractor Melville

Dr Chia Wong, Chiropractor

I grew up in Malaysia, where chiropractic was not a well-known profession. When I was 15 I was diagnosed with a scoliosis (sideways curve) in the spine. A scoliosis grows slowly – but needs to be identified at an early age. I missed the best timing to treat my spinal condition. Thankfully, I now receive regular chiropractic care to manage the back pain caused by the scoliosis.
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